Christmas pudding surprise!

A few weeks ago I ran a couple of crochet workshops & would love to share my chocolate orange cosy ‘recipe’ with you!


You will need a 3.5mm crochet hook, stitch marker, tapestry needle, scissors & good quality dk yarn in brown, white, green & red – I used Stylecraft Special dk in Sandstone, Greengage, Lipstick, & a Twinkly White yarn from my stash – don’t forget the chocolate orange!!

I have used the Amigurumi method of a continual spiral for the bottom & top of the cosy:

Bottom – brown

Rnd 1 – using 3.5mm hook ch2, 4dc in 2nd ch from hook (4)

Rnd 2 – 2dc in each st (8)

  • use a st marker in 1st st of each round

Rnd 3 – 2dc in each st (16)

Rnd 4 – 1dc in each st (16)

Rnd 5 – * 2dc in nxt st, 1dc in nxt st, rep from * to end (24)

Rnd 6 – * 2dc in nxt st, 1dc, 1dc, rep from * to end (32)

Rnd 7 – * 2dc in nxt st, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, rep from * to end (40)

Rnds 8 – 14 – 1dc in each st (40)

  • depending on your tension you may need more or less than 14 rnds – use your Chocolate Orange as a guide

Rnd 15 – 19dc, 6dtrtog in 20th st, 1ch, 20dc (40)

Rnd 16 – 1dc in each st, fasten off with long tail (40)

weave in starting end only & cut yarn

Lid – white

work as for bottom up to Rnd 12 (or for as many rnds as to fit top of chocolate orange just up to brown bottom)

Nxt rnd – 20dc, 9ch, sl st in same st, 20dc (40)

Nxt rnd – * 1htr, 2tr, 1htr, 1sl st, rep from * to end, fasten off

  • keep 9ch loop below the edging

weave in both ends & cut yarn

Holly Leaf – green (make 2 or 3)

I like to use the Attic 24 Jolly Holly pattern which can be found here – Lucy’s Holly leaf is just the right size for the cosy & has amazing prickly prickles! 

leave a long tail when fastening off – weave the tail end down the back of the leaf & use to fasten to the white top – weave in starting end & cut yarn

Holly Berry – red (make as many as you like)

Once again, I like to use one of Lucy’s patterns from Attic 24 – the Berry pattern can be found here in her Autumn Garland: Ta-dah post

leave both ends for fastening to white lid

When you have made all of your pieces, you just need to join everything together:

  • sew the brown bottom on to the white top, using a few stitches at the back, underneath the white scallop edge, to create a hinge
  • using the green tails, thread the leaf ends through the white top & fasten together underneath the lid
  • using the red tails, thread the berry ends through the leaves & the white lid, fastening each berry securely underneath the lid – the berries will hold the leaves in place
  • pop in a chocolate orange & fasten the white loop over the brown bobble – TA-DAH!


hope you enjoy this pattern



Simple Stripey Jar Cosy

Jar Cosy 1

A versatile little crochet project that has many uses –  tea-light holder, flower vase, storage pot for crochet hooks or pens or whatever you like…

This pattern will make a cosy to fit a 340g Tiptree jam jar but is very easy to adjust to fit any size jar that you may have stashed away! The pattern for the little flowers is from Lucy at Attic 24

I’ve used Stylecraft Special dk with a 4mm hook – Yarn A Grass Green & Yarn B White – I like to support small independent businesses & currently purchase this yarn from Lynn at Lusciously Loopy

Once you’ve mastered the basics,  get creative – use different sized jars, change the colours, alter the stripes, embellish with buttons or crocheted flowers…the possibilities are endless!

Notions required:

  • scissors
  • tapestry needle
  • stitch marker
  • notepad & pen


With Yarn A start with a slip knot on your hook – 2ch

rnd (round) 1 – 6dc in 2nd ch from hook (6)

  • ss to join – 1ch

rnd 2 –2dc in each dc (12)

  • ss to join – 1ch – pull tail yarn to close

rnd 3 – 1dc in first st (stitch), 2dc in second strep (repeat) to end (18)

  • ss to join – 1ch – you may find it useful to start using a stitch marker now

rnd 4 – 1dc in first 2st, 2dc in next strep to end (24)

  • ss to join – 1ch

rnd 5 – 1dc in first 3st, 2dc in next strep to end (30)

  • ss to join – 1ch

rnd 6 – 1dc in first 4st, 2dc in next strep to end (36)

  • ss to join – 1ch
  • 6 rnds are sufficient for this size jar – if your jar is bigger just add further rnds in the same way increasing the 1dc in the first stitches each rnd

rnd 7 – 1dc in each st blo (back loop only) – insert your hook through the back loop of each stitch not through both – this will create a neat line for starting to work upwards (36)

  • ss to join – 1ch

rnds 8 & 9 – 1dc in each st (36)

  • change to Yarn B – ss to join – 2ch

rnd 10 – 1htr in each st (36)

  • change to Yarn A – ss to join – 1ch

rnds 11 & 12 – 1dc in each st (36)

  • change to Yarn B – ss to join – 2ch

rnd 13 – 1htr in each st (36)

  • change to Yarn A – ss to join – 1ch

rnds 14 to 19 – 1dc in each st (36)

  • change to Yarn B – ss to join – 2ch

rnd 20 – 1htr in each st (36)

  • change to Yarn A – ss to join – 1ch

rnds 21 & 22 – 1dc in each st (36)

  • ss to join – 1ch – if your jar is taller, just add a few more rnds now
  • the next rnd is the decrease(dec) rnd for the neck of the jar – as this jar cosy is crocheted in an amigurumi style, dec in flo (front loop only) as this will create a neater dec

rnd 23 – 4dc, 2dctogrep to end (30)

  • ss to join – 1ch

rnds 24 & 25 – 1dc in each st (30)

  • fasten off, weave in ends & slip your jar into your lovely cosy – sit back & admire your  hard work!