Christmas pudding surprise!

A few weeks ago I ran a couple of crochet workshops & would love to share my chocolate orange cosy ‘recipe’ with you!


You will need a 3.5mm crochet hook, stitch marker, tapestry needle, scissors & good quality dk yarn in brown, white, green & red – I used Stylecraft Special dk in Sandstone, Greengage, Lipstick, & a Twinkly White yarn from my stash – don’t forget the chocolate orange!!

I have used the Amigurumi method of a continual spiral for the bottom & top of the cosy:

Bottom – brown

Rnd 1 – using 3.5mm hook ch2, 4dc in 2nd ch from hook (4)

Rnd 2 – 2dc in each st (8)

  • use a st marker in 1st st of each round

Rnd 3 – 2dc in each st (16)

Rnd 4 – 1dc in each st (16)

Rnd 5 – * 2dc in nxt st, 1dc in nxt st, rep from * to end (24)

Rnd 6 – * 2dc in nxt st, 1dc, 1dc, rep from * to end (32)

Rnd 7 – * 2dc in nxt st, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, rep from * to end (40)

Rnds 8 – 14 – 1dc in each st (40)

  • depending on your tension you may need more or less than 14 rnds – use your Chocolate Orange as a guide

Rnd 15 – 19dc, 6dtrtog in 20th st, 1ch, 20dc (40)

Rnd 16 – 1dc in each st, fasten off with long tail (40)

weave in starting end only & cut yarn

Lid – white

work as for bottom up to Rnd 12 (or for as many rnds as to fit top of chocolate orange just up to brown bottom)

Nxt rnd – 20dc, 9ch, sl st in same st, 20dc (40)

Nxt rnd – * 1htr, 2tr, 1htr, 1sl st, rep from * to end, fasten off

  • keep 9ch loop below the edging

weave in both ends & cut yarn

Holly Leaf – green (make 2 or 3)

I like to use the Attic 24 Jolly Holly pattern which can be found here – Lucy’s Holly leaf is just the right size for the cosy & has amazing prickly prickles! 

leave a long tail when fastening off – weave the tail end down the back of the leaf & use to fasten to the white top – weave in starting end & cut yarn

Holly Berry – red (make as many as you like)

Once again, I like to use one of Lucy’s patterns from Attic 24 – the Berry pattern can be found here in her Autumn Garland: Ta-dah post

leave both ends for fastening to white lid

When you have made all of your pieces, you just need to join everything together:

  • sew the brown bottom on to the white top, using a few stitches at the back, underneath the white scallop edge, to create a hinge
  • using the green tails, thread the leaf ends through the white top & fasten together underneath the lid
  • using the red tails, thread the berry ends through the leaves & the white lid, fastening each berry securely underneath the lid – the berries will hold the leaves in place
  • pop in a chocolate orange & fasten the white loop over the brown bobble – TA-DAH!


hope you enjoy this pattern